Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Winter Challenge

Another big cheer for social media! I was nominated for the Winter Challenge! What is the Winter Challenge you ask? The Winter Challenge was started by two First Nations teens from Vancouver Island and works through a series of nominations. It has since gone viral across North America. Those nominated must demonstrate their "appreciation" for winter, usually by rolling around in fresh snow or jumping into a cold river, lake or ocean. Once completed, they too get to nominate another person or group, and so on and so forth. The Winter Challenge was started as a positive and healthier response to a recent social media drinking game called Neknomination which is responsible for at least five alcohol-related youth deaths. Many have used the Winter Challenge as a platform to talk about current issues and to spread change. 

This is just one more reason why social media can be so powerful in connecting people. This challenge and it's message has spread across the continent, and thousands have participated. Just think of the potential for this kind of human connection - it's no longer just a technology thing - people are getting out and loving nature and talking about what's important to them. While we all know that social media can have potential negative effects, it's moments like this that my hope is renewed. The Winter Challenge brought me closer to my cohort, and pushed my boundaries - and it was pretty fun too! Let's figure out how to use this platform to spread more good in the world!